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How it all started

I am Delphine; I was born in a small village in Mali and grew up in Mali, Togo and Kenya. Before I moved to the Netherlands, I traveled many African countries. I am a product of the rich and colorful African culture, with its amazing crafts and fashion. These talents often go undiscovered, while they can be an inspiration to the rest of the world, and his has become my purpose in life.

While studying  International Development in Amsterdam, I realized that ‘aid’ can’t help the talented craftsmen, fashion designers and tailors. In 2015 Bobo Couture was born, a ‘grassroots’ business. I am Bobo, an ethnic group in Mali. Bobo’s are merchants and I believe that fair business is the key to improve the lives of the craftsmen working for Bobo Couture. 

The concept is simple: produce local, sell global. Not factory production in sweatshops, but honest handcraft by qualified tailors and jewelry makers, working in their own atelier according to our quality standards. This supports the local economy while serving a global market.

Right now, we work with craftsmen and tailors in Mali, Ghana, Togo and Kenya, who in turn employ their own personnel. My mom lives in Togo, she designs and co-creates our collection with our tailors and jewelry makers in Africa. She is truly the backbone of Bobo Couture in Africa, I do marketing and sales through our shop in Amsterdam and our website.

We make beautiful fashion for beautiful people and in Bobo’s Beauty, our beauty salon in Amsterdam, we do facial treatments,  slimming through ‘cavitation’, combined with our own beauty products and highly quality corsets.

We add quality to the life for our clients and those producing the products we sell.

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