The mission

The Bobo are an ethnic group in Mali and Burkina Faso, with a thousand-year old tradition of handicrafts and textiles. Bobo Couture is a young company that brings African fashion to Europe. We work with designers and tailors from Mali, Togo and Kenya, using African colours and traditions to create women’s clothing that is distinctive, contemporary yet traditional.


I’m Delphine groot




A half Malian, half Dutch, wholly crazy about African fashion. I grew up in West Africa. School holidays were spent at my native village in southern Mali, surrounded by fabrics and colours. Later, as a Bachelors student at the University of Amsterdam, I discovered I could turn my passion for fashion into a business, creating jobs and incomes for African craftsmen.

I founded Bobo Couture in 2015. We work with women’s groups in Africa, using local fabric (mostly organic cottons) to produce dresses, scarves and accessories for sale in Amsterdam.